About the Author


About the Author

Carl Saunders, Jr. is a man of many different roles. He is a board- licensed nurse practitioner, and is the director of organ transplantation for LifeNet Health in Virginia. He serves additionally as a supporting partner and medical provider with an international organization that provides medical care and education to some of the poorest areas of the world. Carl’s mission in life is to assist others by using the talents with which he has been blessed.

His family owns and operates four livestock farms across the Commonwealth of Virginia. The farming legacy goes back several generations.

He is the proud parent of three beautiful and talented children, and has been married to his beautiful and caring wife for over 17 years.

Summary of latest work

Benjamin Bull is the first within a series of books of “lessons from the farm”. Each of the stories are true and written to involve the reader in the simple and subtle ways animals teach important lessons, that can be related to our own lives.

Preference for writing and area of interest for writing

Writing true, simple, stories of farm life.

About the Book


Benjamin Bull: Lessons from the Farm

Farm life is full of important lessons, often taught in simple and subtle ways by the animals themselves. All you have to do is watch and learn. Benjamin bull models how to care for all, regardless of differences.

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